Benefits of Buying Hip-hop Beats with Minimum Cost

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A lot of rappers don’t want to buy beats. They complain that it’s too expensive and a lot of the time ask for free beats. Don’t make this mistake. If you take your career seriously, you know you need to invest in your music and buy original beats. But why would you buy beats? Let me explain the benefits of buying hip-hop beats online.

You can offer your music for sale

Most musicians want to be able to sustain an income by doing the profession they love, music. But if all you do is a rap over someone else’s tracks, then you can’t sell any of the music you make or profit off it in any way without first clearing the sample from the owner of the original song’s, which can be a very drawn-out and expensive process.

You are the one who will define about yourself

You won’t be taken seriously as an artist if all you do is cover other people’s songs. You’re basically a cover artist (someone who performs someone else’s songs). You have to write original music if you want to be recognized as a fresh new artist rather than merely a copycat of someone else. If you need a way to get a good amount of original beats for free then go for this offer free hip hop beats.

From a Mixtape, You Can Upgrade to an EP or Album

A lot of artists of the mixtape route. It’s evolved over time, before it was a lot of rappers rapping over trendy beats they find online, but a lot of the time you can’t monetize those mixtapes, because you’re still using other rappers beats. Eventually you want to put out an EP or album and release it through digital outlets like Apple Music and Spotify. Now it’s super easy to do that too. Once you have all your tracks recorded you just need to upload to a platform like Distrokid, set the release date and you’re done! In addition, since you wrote each song, you’ll be able to keep all the money that you make from the music.

You can spend money on yourself

When producers say things like, “Buy a beat from me and invest in your career,” We are not talking about that. We are referring to the time and money you invested in creating your music. You aren’t making the best decision when you cover another rappers song, record a video for it, and spend time ad money on it. You are essentially throwing your money away since, even if everyone wanted to buy it, you couldn’t make profit on that investment. An investment that may potentially pay for itself would be to purchase a beat, record a song, and devote all of your time and resources to promote that product.

So, get some high-quality hip hop beats from me here on my beat store or start off with 30 beats absolutely free of cost.


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