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Online beat licensing has been used widely for a long time. On websites like Sound click, Air bit, Beat stars, and others, online music creators have been doing this for many years. Production of audio and music has never been simple. You need expertise and a ton of experience to be able to execute this. Additionally, license beats call for certain understanding. But as soon as “new producers” start applying for licenses, a lot of problems and queries start. Some even carelessly steal other producers’ licenses. Consequently, they are not even aware of what they are selling.

Even if “licensing” is a simple concept, some beat licensing alternatives (user rights) are more complex and call for further explanation. Adelante Music won’t get into the specifics of legalese and explain terms like “Licensee” or “Licensor” in this content. We’ll make an effort to use those opportunities that will interest you as an artist.

Beat licensing Non-exclusive

What benefits do a non-exclusive license offer?

You may have some rights under a non-exclusive license, depending on the type you choose (we have 4 types of non-exclusive licenses). Any non-exclusive license can be used to record vocals and lyrics. However, this does not imply that you have sole control of the rights to this instrument, as the producer retains copyright ownership of the beat. In other words, the producer is free to use the piece however he sees fit, including renting out a beat until it is included in the Exclusive.

Exclusive Beat Licensing

Why choose an exclusive license?

You have more rights if you have exclusive rights. There are no limitations on your ability to use the beat.

You are free to freely sell millions of copies of your song in other nations and in any quantity. If you are confident that you will soar to great heights in the music industry, then the exclusive best license beats are for you.

Beat licensing won’t be an issue for you anymore because you now have sole authority to beat. In other words, once you have secured exclusive rights to a beat, it is no longer available for purchase and cannot be sold.

Perhaps you should first gain popularity and acquire at least 1000 admirers. Many of the musicians who purchased bits from us followed this process: they purchased a non-exclusive license, evaluated the track’s popularity, and if it was favorable, they bought an exclusive license.

We really hope that this post has assisted you in making your license selection and that you may now do so with ease. To know more when you want to buy a beat you can also get in touch with us.


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