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  As you’re starting your new career path, you might believe hiring a producer to make beats for you will cost you thousands of dollars. That’s not always true. Many producers, including myself, offer a free beat option to “test out” some beats to practice. There are a lot of advantages to choosing my 30 free beats option. Let me explain to you a little more in-depth:

My free beats provide you with the following advantages:

You Get To Experiment more:

If you choose my 30 free rap beats, you’ll be able to test out some high-quality rap beats at no cost. This allows you the freedom to experiment with quality beats from a talented producer without feeling like you’re throwing your money away.

Since you’re getting 30 royalty free hip hop music in one file, you’ll have the flexibility to test out different styles and find the right sound for what you’re looking for. I decided to include different styles of rap beats in there so you’ll have a good amount to choose from.

You’ll develop your abilities

To become a successful rapper, you must find a producer with a catalog of rap beats that fit your style. You also need to spend time developing your microphone confidence, voice, and skill set. By getting these 30 free hip-hop beats, you’ll be able to drop them into your software and start practicing developing your sound right away.

If any of you are starting out, you still have day jobs. By grabbing these 30 free hip-hop beats, you don’t have to worry about losing that hard-earned money that you work so hard for. You’ll get industry-quality beats to practice daily. Make sure to put that work in!


Can you make money off a free beat?

Unfortunately, the free beats can’t be used for commercial or financial gain, according to my terms and agreements. These beats are for the sole purpose of testing them out and really practicing your skill set. Once you feel comfortable and ready to start putting music out, you can buy an exclusive or non-exclusive license to use the free beats for commercial use.

What happens if our free beat you utilize goes viral?

It’s time to respond to the second most frequently asked question. If you use one of these free beats and it goes viral, you must purchase a non-exclusive or exclusive license from my website for selling beats. If you go with the non-exclusive license, other artists who have also licensed the same beat can still use it until their contracts expire or reach the agreed-upon sales threshold. If you purchase an exclusive license, then the beat will be removed from my beat store and will only be able to be used by you (the artist)

Check out my blog post _____ for more in-depth information about the difference between non-exclusive and exclusive rights.

A quick glance at utilizing free beats online

  1. You sign up on my website
  2. Fill out a short survey
  3. 30 Free Beats will be sent to your email
  4. You drop any of those beats into your recording software
  5. You practice as much as possible, recording yourself and getting comfortable with the microphone.
  6. When you’re ready, you can purchase a non-exclusive or exclusive license from my beat store.

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