How to Make Beats? A Guide from Adelante Music

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Don’t let the expensive gear that producers and beat makers to the stars like Dr. Dre and Calvin Harris use put you off. When they first started, they weren’t in need of those items.

You’ll be ashamed to learn how inadequate the equipment they started with is compared to what you might already own.

Therefore, give up this thinking that you require a Mac Book Pro with an i7 processor. Your 64-bit Windows computer is adequate.

Although multicolored lights and other fancy trims are attractive, you shouldn’t let the pleasure of using a piece of equipment cloud your judgment on the quality of the finished result, which is what matters most as per Adelante Music.

Let’s get right to the point:

Select Sounds

It’s time to select the sound you want to be the foundation of your free hip-hop beats
first. A sample of an instrument like a piano or keyboard, a synth, a set of drums, etc. Choose an option that you think sounds cool.

Write or Record Various Beat Elements

It’s time to compose and record a number of briefs (4–16 bars) of musical thought patterns. You create one, and then add layers on top of it with other sounds. The essential components are melody, drumming, and bass.

Put Beat Pieces in Song Format

The pieces you composed in Step 2 will now be combined in a variety of ways to create larger song sections, which you will then arrange into a full song. Depending on the genre, the essential components include an introduction, verses, choruses, an outro, and maybe a pre-chorus in addition to a bridge/departure.

Finish and Combine the Beat

The next step is to polish your free hip-hop beats. Transitions between sections and accentuators, such as drum drops and drum fills, can be included here. The volume levels of each sound or segment will then be adjusted so that nothing is too loud or too quiet and everything works nicely together. In order to make everything sound polished and well-balanced, you’ll also apply various effects.

Export the Finished Item

The time has come to export or convert your beat into a usable format, such as MP3, WAV, YouTube Video, etc., now that it has been entirely composed.

Yes, there are a ton of options that claim to be better. However, you probably won’t require those more than you do to simply begin.

With these necessities, you essentially have everything organized.

We hope we’ve started you on a fantastic beat-making trip that you won’t ever want to end.

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