Leasing Beats With Me

There are many factors at play when it comes to leasing beats online. It can be challenging to know what to do and what not to do, especially if you’re trying to understand the different licensing or lease types. Don’t worry, though. I’m here to help. I’ll provide a quick review of the different beat leasing options you get with me.

What To Know About Beat Leasing Contracts

It’s important to understand that when you purchase a license, you do not own the master rights of the original beat. What you are buying when you purchase a non-exclusive beat is the license with a beat leasing contract to use that beat in your recordings and performances.

The music industry is even starting to use this new method of buying instrumentals and beats for artists to use with a beat lease contract; here are some advantages:

  • You are permitted to utilize beats for lease for profit.
  • It’s an affordable approach to promoting your music. Non-exclusive licenses are a lot less expensive to lease than purchasing an exclusive contract.
  • You can test different producers’ beats to see which is best for your project.

Non-Exclusive Trap Beats for lease

Called a non-exclusive beat license as well. This is a contract between me (a music producer) and an artist. The artist is authorized to utilize the instrumental beat in their own recordings under the terms of the agreement. The instrumental’s copyright is still with me, the producer, which means I can keep selling the same beat to other musicians (if sold non-exclusively).

Should you Buy Exclusives or a Non-Exclusive Beat Lease?

This choice depends on different factors, including your budget, the song’s goal, and how you want to use the beat. Leasing a non-exclusive beat can be your best option if you’re on a low budget or are still working on building your fanbase. Exclusives are a better option if you have a more established career, a larger budget to invest, and if you don’t want to risk having another artist use the same beat. 

What usage restrictions apply to leasing beats?

The most typical usage restrictions are the number of streams or the number of YouTube monetized views for that new song created using the beat. A lease agreement should be carefully read before signing and purchasing to ensure that you know all the terms.

Why is an unlimited lease the best option?

An unlimited online beat lease is a lease agreement allowing for limitless online streaming or sales of physical copies without incurring additional costs. An unlimited online beat lease is best for musicians who want to sell a lot of copies of their music or stream their music online without worrying about additional costs. This sort of lease is the best without moving into the next tier and purchasing an exclusive license.


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