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Online beats instrumental for sales are a lucrative business model for producers all over the world. You can join them right now. You are not required to work with agencies and recording facilities. You may instantly get paid when you sell your beats with Adelante Music in the USA. Many top-tier producers utilize our platform to generate extra cash because it is ideal for selling beats.

We’ll handle all the technical aspects, so you can concentrate on making music, which is what you do best. as opposed to markets where thousands of producers compete for the same customers. It’s just you with Adelante Music. Customize, market, and up sell to your target market.

  • Simply opening an Adelante Music store is all that is required.
  • Starting is quite simple. Simply upload your finished product to your Adelante Music store, post links, and embed buy buttons wherever you choose.
  • Your store can be operational in as little as five minutes of your time. From there, you can either market to your current customers using our built-in email marketing features, as many producers do, or you may offer new product discounts to draw in more customers and increase sales.

How to launch a beats business?

Without any prior understanding of creating an internet store, you may start selling beats on Sound Cloud. All you have to do is adhere to these 4 easy steps:

  1. Register for an Adelante Music account.
  2. Upload every beat you have and give it a description with the beats license agreement.
  3. Receive payment by including your payment details.
  4. Start promoting your Adelante Music store on social media and Sound Cloud.

Can I distribute my songs without charge?

Yes, you can let your consumers download as many freebies from your online business as they want. Additionally, Adelante Music enables pay-what-you-want pricing, allowing your listeners to choose how much they want to spend on your music. If someone is willing to pay for your artwork, why give it out for free?

Does Adelante Music take a cut of the sales I make with Beats?

With Adelante Music, you keep all of your earnings at 100%. In other words, we don’t charge commissions, transaction fees, or any other hidden fees in addition to not taking a cut off your sales. After making a sale, just link your PayPal or Stripe account to receive your money right away.

When will I be paid for my sales of Beats?

All sellers on Adelante Music receive immediate payment. This implies that your money will be transferred to your linked PayPal or Stripe account practically instantly once a sale has been completed. As a result, your beats business may grow considerably more quickly and with the best financial investment.


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